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Create a new file, open, save and save as...

Backup concept: After n operations the program saves the changes to a backup file automatically. This interval can be set individually under File >> Settings >> Application >> Backup >> Interval. The backup file with the file extension .ave is saved in the same folder as the eva-file. To restore, the file extension has to be changes to .eva. If the backup file is not required anymore, it can be deleted.

  • Link CAD File

Import a dxf- or dwg-file as an underlay. Lines and polylines can then be converted to Eva objects, other objects can be displayed but not edited.

  • Clear Import

Delete the previously linked AutoCAD drawing file.

  • Import Spaces

Import a program from a .xlsx or a .cvs file. It is recommend to clean up the file before import, e.g. remove superfluous columns and rows.

  • Export Program

Export space program as cvs/xlsx/dxf/ifc4.

  • Export Project

Export project as dxf/obj/ifc4. The project can then be edited in other CAD packages.

  • Print

Creates a PDF print of the current view. The scale of the generated PDF can be defined under File >> Settings >> Site >> Printing >> Scale and File >> Settings >> Floor plan >> Printing >> Scale.

  • Settings

Change project and program settings. These setting are saved together with the respective file.

  • Exit


  • Undo
  • Redo
  • Cut: Select with mouse click
  • Copy: Select with mouse click
  • Paste: Select with mouse click


  • Display Mode: wireframe, shaded or rendered
  • Grid on/off
  • Zoom: expand or minimize everything
  • Adjust Coordinate System or set back to standard WCS (World Coordinate System) again
  • Show all Levels
  • Show Envelope:  Display the maximum permissible building volume
  • Round concave Corners: Round concave corners of the envelope


  • View Help
  • Name Items: Name the various items of the UI
  • Unregister: An active license can be unlocked to use Eva on another computer. Internet access is required. Before making key changes on the computer systems components, the license should be deactivated as well. Otherwise the application may not recognize the computer system.
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