Linear Mass


Placing a neutral object alongside a poly border with defined width (or by going to selection of the under menu linear object terraced houses, residential building two apartments per floor, residential building 3 apartments per floor, residential building balcony access, residential buildings maisonette apartments, residential building central aisle, office single wing, office double wing, combi office triple wing, carpet

Command order: select linear corpus, click inside the drawing area und sketch requested poly border, press enter or right mouse click to generate the building corpus. To determine the pre setting individually go to file/setting. After, for all the building corpus structures the complex’s parameters can be changed and adjusted in the right feature bar like for example height of the complex, height of the storeys, the kind of bevel (only affects the display when adjusting to the building line).

Tip: The typology “carpet” shows the max. volume inside the given building line parameters.