User interface

  • Menu bar - (header) – General commands. Import file/export. Basic settings
  • Main navigation - (left) – Display level: program, floor plans and building site
  • Tools -(top left) – Commands assigned to the particular display levels
  • View cube - (top right) – Switching between 2D and 3D representation
  • Properties - (right) - Display of the properties of the particular display level or of the selected objects
  • Console -(bottom left) –(footer) – Display of coordinates. Display and catch function history of the commands. Additional options for commands
  • Status bar - Coordinates, Snap, Tracking, Grid, Ortho

View cube - With the help of the view cube, the view can be adjusted. By clicking on areas, edges and corners of the view cube the view changes accordingly.

Tip: Use the middle mouse button together with the control key or shift key for 3D navigation and zoom. Double click with middle mouse button for Zoom all.

Tip: Left mouse click selects all the sketched elements and a selection rectangle appears. Using the command track from the status bar, the 90 degree angle is captured and the surrounding objects are used as a reference when sketching polygons.

Elements of the user interface