Building Line


Placing of a closed line with mass limiting functions (= boarder of a building lot or boarder of a building area or the boarder of a building). The masses will be distributed inside this line following the rules and parameters you have given to the line at the properties bar.

The building lines are oriented, which means they distinguish between left and right. When drawing these borders, it makes a difference if we draw them clockwise or anti-clockwise. Oriented lines are labelled by additional symbols on the corners, these also suggest the current orientation (building line: anticlockwise = area, clockwise = courtyard, invertable at the properties bar)

Building Lines are oriented lines

Properties setting for activated building lines


Setting the maximum height for the building, max. mass density, max. FAR, max. Footprint density inside of the developing border, which will be taken into account for the next automatic generated mass distribution!


Here the characteristic values, that have been achieved inside of the activated building line



Shows the hight over level zero


Indicates the allowed factor building height (eaves height) / distance width to the lot boundary (for example Factor 0.6 means a distance area of 0.6 times building height), or it indicates the allowed factor for the roof pitch height/ width over eaves height on the attachment border ( for example Factor 1 for 45 degrees roof pitch)


Indicates the allowed building height on the attachment border


Indicates the minimum distance on the building lot boundary


Inverting the alignment of the building line