Setback Line

A line that represents a setback required by land-use regulations or otherwise. Building masses will automatically follow the distance requirements set by the line.

Setback lines can only be drawn and edited in the site view, although they are also visible in level view. Together with building lines, they define the theoretical maximal envelope.


  • Elevation

    Gives the elevation of the object above the site level.

  • Slope

    The inclination of the setback plane. Mass object will not be allowed to penetrate this plane. Multiplying the value by a given height will return the required distance a mass object must have at that level.

    A vertical plane has the value 0.0, a plane with an inclination of 45° has a value of 1.0.

  • H-Offset

    The horizontal offset at which to begin the setback plane. The value defines a minimum distance a mass must have from the line, regardless of the plane.

  • V-Offset

    The vertical offset at which to place the setback plane. Allows the mass to have the specified height at the line, followed by an inclined setback.

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